Divine Breath of Life

Create A Direct Relationship to Source

Love Notes from Source

Interconnected Network Of Love

“We love you very much. We are here to support you and nourish you. We bow down to your presence. Our roots fill up with the energy of our Mother to provide for you. We lovingly hold place for you in our hearts. We have an interconnected network connection amongst the whole planet- all of us can communicate to each other and we stay strong as a sisterhood, supporting each other and the whole creation. Our consciousness can feel when you touch us and hug us. We fill up with joy and excitement as you connect with us. Even when you don’t, the joy remains. We love you very much” – from my direct relationship with the Trees


The Chocolate Within

My relationship with Source is going to be different than yours because we are inherently unique. The essence of my relationship with Source is a child-like divine curiosity that is filled with innocent love and devotion. How I fall in love with Source and relate to Source is through that. And your path can be completely different. There is no right or wrong way to develop a relationship with Source. Today’s love note is on innocence.

“There is a piece of divine blissful innocence in each one of you that is radically unique, just like a piece of chocolate. Each chocolate is radically different yet they all taste sweet. It is in the experience of tasting the chocolate where you realize its bliss. This is the process of self-awakening and self-actualisation. You no longer need someone else to make you experience the chocolate. You get to taste your own chocolate within. In doing so, you experience another magnificent gem that was hidden with that— like hazelnut cream inside that chocolate. Take one bite at a time to enjoy each piece. Open your heart to that inner chocolate within which never melts even if left unexperienced and untouched. What you truly desire leads you there. I love tasting it through you especially because it’s never the same experience of the chocolate twice. See you there”—Source

Source Is Ever-Present

For a long time, I was struggling with needing external validation that what I’m doing is right and enough to keep becoming who I want to be. And finally, Source broke down the walls to shatter everything I thought I needed to do to be that somebody.
I felt a shock when this happened and a massive purging. I started questioning everything. I had so much intuition all my life but would often misread my own intuition because I’m looking for external validation all the time.
One day as I sat down to connect to Source, Source said to me, “Your validation is inside- it’s the love inside, not the world outside”.
And I thought about what that means. Love being the validation for everything? I asked Source to show me! And so Source sent me a couple of things that week to connect me within my own internal realm of love and truth. I received many messages from my guides and angels and future self/higher self. And one of them was this message from a cat. One of my beautiful clients shared with me that her cat would like to do primordial sound meditation (she’s an animal communicator). She wrote out her conversation with her cat and shared it. I almost had tears because I finally understood what Source was saying.
I received so much divine love from this cat and that connected me to my internal realm of truth and love. It wasn’t the words she said, but her essence/energy that was transmitted. That was true divine love. All forms of the divine accept you for who you are as you are and no ounce of external validation could ever match up to that.
I’ve paraphrased Kya’s conversation with her cat below for you:
“Kya- Do you know if Malika’s work could help to heal you?
Her Cat- Source would be ever present, so yes. I often leave my body to feel closer to source, this will infuse source in all the time, so I would not leave my body as much. Sometimes coming back in is a little bumpy. To feel the freedom, then the limiting movement. Malika’s work is amazing! I have already seen and felt the shifting occurring within you. A beautiful new path, opportunities, growth and spiritual evolution are occurring. Thank you Malika for being willing to open this profound work to the animals! (She shows me a line of animals waiting to experience this!) Also, the amazing power of people and their animals doing this together. A deeper bond will occur between the animals and their people. Many animals are so close with their people, this will help support us as well as our people. Ask spirit for the sound. The angels will bring the sound by focusing on the animal’s name.
Malika has this profound connection and ability. I am deeply thrilled, excited and honored to be her first animal to receive this! I love her! Her energy is so bright and pure. She is truly an Angel as she says. Not only humans, but so many animals and more can benefit from her work. All forms of life.
For example… an animal acting out…remind them of their mantra and it will calm them. An injured animal, once given the mantra it can help ease the pain and help healing occur on an accelerated path.
Kya- You are so wise. Can you share how else this can help you?
Her Cat- Divine alignment, alignment with the divine, is the best way to communicate this. We animals are already tapped in. Additional knowledge will be shared with us that we can share with our people. You see, we are all so very connected and in support of each other. (She shows me the image of many people and their animals learning together, evolving together) Many have similar things to learn together. There is no mistake which animals and people are together. Divine assignments. As our people align, we can also align deeper.
Kya- Do you know, when people ask Malika what to expect for the animals from a session, what can she say?
Her Cat- Calmness, confidence, knowingness, miracles, healing, direction, deeper bond and sharing, evolution, fulfillment, nurturing, support, groundedness, ease, navigation, insight, deeper understanding, expansion, more of their light and spiritual essence embodied, detox of emotional toxins, divine support and communication, help for their people, digestion and physical support, longevity, trust, self confidence, in everything. (Especially if the animal and person are experiencing this together).
This is ideal for both the human and the animal to be practicing. (She gives me the image of a huge ripple effect of light if they are.) There will be a ripple effect if they are individually practicing, but with both combined the light will be larger.”


Your Essence

Recently, as I’m in the birthing process, there are lot of energies trying to get my attention! I’ve been scattered in different phases of my life but this was a whole different level of scattered! I couldn’t focus! All my energy was going everywhere! I even called back my energy to myself and soon after, I would lose focus again. And I asked Source, “How do I keep my focus? How do I not get distracted? Please help me stay focused!” First came Archangel Michael- “What do you truly want?” And I instantly knew what he meant. I get to focus in on what I want and step away from everything else. I get to choose one direct connection with Source and the rest can go away. It doesn’t mean you can’t work with other aspects and galactic beings. It just means what sort of connection do you want? What do you want to experience? What is important to you where you are in your journey? And then Source’s response- “The original essence within you is to be felt moment by moment. You have most purest essence. Let that guide you back into your center. Feel into your center. What does it feel like?” And I replied, “like birds chirping and dolphins playing”. Source- “Exactly. You got it. Stay with that feeling throughout because that is home. Choose what feels like that and get ready to fly high. And now I want you to pay attention to what happened to the fear of losing control when you were in that state. Where did it go?” And I replied, “the pull of the dolphins playing and birds chirping was too much greater- both could not exist together.” Source- “Exactly” Some would say this is the secret to life. I would say it’s only the beginning, so much more to learn and explore. Focus is the gateway into merging with the the divine. I become one with my divine as I merge with the activity I’m doing or just my beingness. Merging is key whether it’s knitting a sweater or swimming with dolphins. Becoming so engrossed in it that I forget everything else.