Divine Breath of Life

Create A Direct Relationship To Source
Source Loves YOU

Source, being beautiful loving intelligence, is speaking to you through pure love and innocence all the time. Through beautiful glimpses of this force, you become mesmerized by its captivating bliss and harmony. I sing the song of Source with so much love. Direct Source Connection is what truly healed me. Source connection is alchemy in every part of your being. You become whole, fulfilled on the inside, radiantly healthy, divinely abundant, and ecstatic with childlike joy. Getting in alignment with Source is key to fulfilling your highest potential and stepping into your mission. Are you ready to follow the impulse of Source within you to create your highest possible reality?

About Malika

Malika is a Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher and a Source Connection Catalyst. Primordial Sound Meditation is a path to experience Source within yourself and merge back into Source for true wholeness and fulfilment. Malika channels through her intuitive guidance and touches lives by radiating her essence and empowering others to heal themselves and manifest their highest life vision through Source. You can check out her latest Source Connection experience by clicking below:

"I felt instantly at home with Malika, not knowing anything about her. She feels like a sister to me that I’ve always had and known for eons. There is this genuine, smooth- flowing connection of loving sweetness that I feel with her. I immediately took to her purity, her innocence, and her welcoming and affectionate embrace"
-Aiswarya Preya-
"My frst time connecting with Malika I could feel the love of Source radiating so brightly through her. I am grateful that Source brought us together! I'm grateful for all of the work that you do, helping all of .humanity from the deepset and the greatest level."
Messages From Source

Validation Comes From Divine Love

“Your validation is inside- it’s the love inside, not the world outside”


Know Yourself So You Can Know Me

“The external world doesn’t know who you truly are. Only you can know you. Know yourself so you can know me”


Your Inner Chocolate

“There’s a piece of divine blissful innocence in each one of you that is radically unique just like a piece of divine chocolate” 



Transformation through Source

Transformation Through Source is a 90-day program to fully ignite direct connection with Source and transform your life in all areas. Malika and her divine team hold space for you to become clear on your highest vision for your life and manifest it in the 3D reality through Source. We focus on generating divine wealth, loving divine relationships and true health / wellness.

Primordial Sound Meditation + Intuitive Channeling Coaching

Malika channels her divine guidance which includes many divine forces like angels. We start with three vision outcomes and they channel daily integrative practices for you. We combine this with Primordial Sound Meditation, which is a technique to realize Source within you and experience the stillness within. Your primordial sound is divinely intelligent and navigates you into physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual coherence/wholeness. It unlocks your highest potential, bringing in your highest possible timeline.


We host retreats in India to create an intimate soul connection between Western women and local Indian Women to go even deeper in Source connection. Experience true healing and wholeness through this invocation of the Divine Feminine. We also tap into Earth Medicine and the trees to experience divine joy.